Life At Erakomp

Life At Erakomp: Trust in Business

We are introducing you one of our inspiring leaders at Erakomp, Pak Budiman Amiyuddin. He is a Sales Manager who delivers our values to clients.

Based on his experience in building excellent business practices, nothing is more important than creating trust. When the clients have put trust in his team, the rest of the work would be much easier.

Besides, trust also plays a massive role in ensuring his team can grow in their unique ways.

According to Pak Budiman, trust is about giving opportunity and authority to explore the job. This helps everyone in his team to be more critical and creative to achieve organization’s mission.

In line with Pak Budiman’s perspective, Greg Smith once says that “if clients don’t trust you, they will eventually stop doing business with you. It doesn’t matter how smart you are.”

Hope you guys get inspired by his views in improving the way you do business.

Have a great day!

Life At Erakomp

Life At Erakomp: Global Perspective

Nowadays, e-commerce has become so popular all over the world. The shopper does not need to drive to the mall to purchase computers, home appliances, or just a single cable. The online platform has made shopping more comfortable and faster at a rate never seen before.

However, e-commerce itself is covered with the risk of security and privacy that have been a hot topic of public discussion in many countries, including Indonesia. This has also been one of our IT Departement’s considerations when it comes to doing business digitally.

According to our IT Manager, Pak Denny says the IT Team of Erakomp has an excellent ability to manage data and information in our digital platform, All the processes have to be quick and precise, yet produce a quality of work that is easily understood by stakeholders. That is part of the work ethic that the IT team holds over the years.

In many chances, Pak Denny and his team always refer to the best practice of global cases in operating the digital infrastructures. This helps our company ( grows to be one of the most trusted online shopping platforms for IT Products in Indonesia.

Good job, Team!

Life At Erakomp

Life At Erakomp: Responsibility and Growth

Whether you are working at a company or running your own organization, responsibility is one of the essential topics to be discussed.

Responsibility is the duty of an individual or group of people assigned on the basis of their position in the organization.

In many occasions, our HR & GA Manager, Pak Andhika likes to call our family as #SuperTeam. “There is no Superman here at Erakomp, we all are #SuperTeam.” Quoted from his last speech at Thursday Morning Briefing.

Pak Andhika believes that each of the team members at Erakomp plays a significant role to improve our business in the tech sector. The responsibility that is given to each employee aims to grow them during their career.

Think about pursuing a career at our company? Stay tuned to our social media platforms.

Our Hiring Manager will help you explore your dream job career here at Erakomp!

Life At Erakomp

Life At Erekomp: Briefing Kamis Pagi

Every Thursday morning, we hold a regular briefing at Erakomp to catch up with what all teams are doing. In this meeting, our family members are encouraged to share their ideas and to discuss relevant topics related to our short and long term plans.

As Nat Turner says that communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity, all team members are advised to ask questions and to give feedback related to our products and services. The aim is to have the same framework among the team members to achieve the organization’s goals.

Life At Erakomp

Life At Erakomp: Health Comes First

On July 13th 2020, @erakomp conducted Rapid Test of Covid-19 to check the health of our employees. The result showed that neither our employees had the symptoms, nor infected by the Novel Coronavirus.

Here at @erakomp, we always believe that the health of our employees is one of the most important factors to consider in running a good business.

Take care and stay safe everyone!

Life At Erakomp

Life At Erakomp: Integrity in the Workplace

If someone asks you what do you value the most when working to achieve goals at a workplace, what would your answer be?

Our Sales Manager, Pak Enrico says that integrity is the most suitable word to answer this simple and essential question. He believes that those who act with integrity will always tell the truth; no matter what the fact and consequence are, they are reliable and accountable, have a set of ethical principles, and treat customers, coworkers, and stakeholders with respect.

In line with what Pak Enrico says about integrity, C.S Lewis once said that integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. That is why Pak Enrico believes that integrity is the single most important quality that he always instils in the Sales Team.


Begini Cara Membuat Foto “Oplas Challenge” dengan Aplikasi FaceApp

Penulis Conney Stephanie | Editor Yudha Pratomo – Belakangan ini, dunia maya tengah diramaikan oleh tantangan ” oplas challenge”. Dalam tantangan ini, pengguna mengubah wajah mereka menjadi lebih rupawan, seolah-olah baru saja melakukan operasi plastik dan mengunggahnya di media sosial.

Tantangan ini dilakukan oleh para pengguna Instagram dengan menggunakan aplikasi FaceApp. Tak hanya masyarakat biasa, deretan artis hingga tokoh publik pun tak ketinggalan untuk mengikuti tantangan ini, seperti Melaney Ricardo, Melly Goeslaw, Ashanty, dan masih banyak lagi.

Cara menggunakan FaceApp untuk “oplas challenge” ini sangat mudah. Pertama, unduh aplikasi FaceApp melalui Google Play Store untuk pengguna Android atau Apple App Store di iOS untuk pengguna iPhone.

Selanjutnya, buka aplikasi FaceApp. Di sana, Anda akan menemukan tampilan yang sederhana. Tampilan tersebut hanya memperlihatkan layar untuk mengambil gambar selfie yang juga bisa dialihkan ke kamera belakang.

Eksperimen Ini Membuktikan Untuk melakukan tantangan “oplas challenge” ini, pengguna juga bisa menggunakan foto yang tersimpan di galeri.

Setelah menentukan foto yang akan digunakan, pengguna dapat memilih opsi “Fun” untuk mulai memanipulasi foto. Kemudian, pengguna juga bisa memilih sejumlah filter yang ada.

Filter yang tersedia pun cukup beragam, mulai dari Hollywood 2, Silk, Kiss, Glance, Female HD, dan Star.

Setelah memilih filter yang dikehendaki, foto pun bisa langsung disimpan di galeri.

Setelah itu pengguna bisa mengunggah foto tersebut di Instagram. Untuk diketahui, FaceApp merupakan aplikasi editor foto yang mengandalkan teknologi kecerdasaan buatan (artificial intellengence/AI) yang mampu mengubah wajah penggunanya sesuai dengan keinginan.

FaceApp dirilis pada Januari 2017 lalu dan dikembangkan oleh perusahaan asal Rusia bernama Wireless Lab yang berbasis di St. Petersburg.

Meski begitu, keramaian FaceApp di ranah maya baru dirasakan sejak beberapa waktu terakhir. Sebelumnya pada 2019 lalu, dunia maya juga sempat diramaikan oleh tantangan #AgeChallenge yang juga menggunakan FaceApp untuk memanipulasi foto.

Kala itu, pengguna dapat mengubah wajah menjadi lebih tua atau muda dari usia sebenarnya. Tak sedikit orang yang beramai-ramai mengunggah foto mereka di media sosial dengan mencantumkan #AgeChallenge dan #FaceAppChallenge, termasuk para selebriti dan publik figur tanah air.