Life At Erakomp

Life At Erakomp: Global Perspective

Nowadays, e-commerce has become so popular all over the world. The shopper does not need to drive to the mall to purchase computers, home appliances, or just a single cable. The online platform has made shopping more comfortable and faster at a rate never seen before.

However, e-commerce itself is covered with the risk of security and privacy that have been a hot topic of public discussion in many countries, including Indonesia. This has also been one of our IT Departement’s considerations when it comes to doing business digitally.

According to our IT Manager, Pak Denny says the IT Team of Erakomp has an excellent ability to manage data and information in our digital platform, All the processes have to be quick and precise, yet produce a quality of work that is easily understood by stakeholders. That is part of the work ethic that the IT team holds over the years.

In many chances, Pak Denny and his team always refer to the best practice of global cases in operating the digital infrastructures. This helps our company ( grows to be one of the most trusted online shopping platforms for IT Products in Indonesia.

Good job, Team!

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