• Life At Erakomp: Trust in Business
    We are introducing you one of our inspiring leaders at Erakomp, Pak Budiman Amiyuddin. He is a Sales Manager who delivers our values to clients. […]
  • Life At Erakomp: Global Perspective
    Nowadays, e-commerce has become so popular all over the world. The shopper does not need to drive to the mall to purchase computers, home appliances, […]
  • Life At Erakomp: Responsibility and Growth
    Whether you are working at a company or running your own organization, responsibility is one of the essential topics to be discussed. Responsibility is the […]
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    Every Thursday morning, we hold a regular briefing at Erakomp to catch up with what all teams are doing. In this meeting, our family members […]
  • Life At Erakomp: Health Comes First
    On July 13th 2020, @erakomp conducted Rapid Test of Covid-19 to check the health of our employees. The result showed that neither our employees had the symptoms, […]